I’m watching The Rock

“Saw it was on Five looking crap and edited, so we are watching it on Netflix”

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BROTP alert.

Love this episode!

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Spoilers (That’s more for FB and twitter tumblr is a mine field for them)  


Spoilers for doctor Who You’ve been warned…

No seriously I want to talk about it go read anther post. (This is another out of hand Facebook post)  I’ve worked it out! As the stuff at the end shows, Moffat is going back towards the Cartmel Master Plan and actually have the Doctor revealed as a god. At Which point he will step down and RTD will return as he has always written the Doctor as a god anyway.

Or You know they showed an aspect of his backstory that has been there in other media for years. Some of the stuff online both for and against the bit is barking. It’s one scene don’t read so much into it. Most likely nothing will come from this scene.

If You are going round wanting him to stay a mysterious figure who comes from nowhere and has no past, Well you’ve had references and hints since the ’80s what’s one more scene to ignore, along with all those novels, comics and cds.




Today’s picture for invisible illness is a personal one. This is one of about 30 notes that my friend has received since using her handicapped placard. I’m going to say this to you, have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a handicapped space and said to yourself “they look too young or they don’t look disabled.” I’m going to go with yes you have, because we all have at one time. I can’t remember doing it, but before I understood the difficulties of invisible illness when I was younger I probably did. Let me ask you this though, when you had that thought was it because you knew with 100% certainty that they weren’t handicapped or did you assume that because of their age and/or not seeing a cane, walker or wheelchair? All I’m asking is that we stop and think when we someone need a mobility aid, park in a handicapped space or say they are disabled that we remember this “DISABILITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OR APPEARNACE.” #spoonie #invisibleillness #disability #chronicillness #rheumatoidarthritis #lupus #fibromyalgia #myofascialpainsyndrome

If nothing else, this post needs to be seen around the internet more. This harassment is not okay and no one should have to deal with it on top of having an invisible illness. This is just another form of anonymous bullying to add to the internet bullying these TROLLS are capable of.

If you are healthy, please reblog.
If you are sick, please reblog.
If you have a disability, please reblog.
If you have an invisible illness, please reblog.
If you know someone with a disability, please reblog.
If you are a human being, please reblog.

Let’s spread the word and help those of us that may not look like it. 

Ignorance isn’t bliss, ignorance is ignorance. 

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I’m watching Supernatural

“Houses of the Holy: Love how adamant Dean is about angels”

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This was going to go on Facebook but felt a little long

So I think my work speaks to how i see Women in media. i no problem calling myself a feminist. I believe the way Anita Sarkeesian has been treated is vile and almost destroys  my faith in humanity. but watching her videos, for all the valid points she makes and there are many, there is a hell of a lot of blinkered bullshit and wilful misconstruing to make her point. it kind of undermines everything else she says. A lot of things are stated as fact without showing the evidence behind it. 

The problem is in disagreeing with her it lumps me in with the evil scum who are responsible for me thinking twice before i identify as a gamer. That is without saying that not agreeing with Joss Whedon on something just feels wrong.